Welcome to Placewell Careers

We understand that every client comes to us with her or his own unique concerns, needs and financial situation. Often, our client's worries are aggravated because there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything. Yet, there is the recognition that one's financial well- being is tied to constantly fluid capital markets, ever-changing tax and pension laws and an endless proliferation of product choices. Sorting fact from fiction in the overwhelming din of information now available just adds to the stress.
That is where our personal financial advisor makes such a difference. We help you design a clear path to the milestones that are critical in your life. And we do it by asking you some very important and very different questions at the outset.

Our Basic Work Profile

Placwell Careers is the marketplace for insurance recruitment with vacancies for various levels in sales, trainings, operations, administration and HR. We are into this business to serve limited number of organizations that are known in the industry for hiring quality workforce. Therefore we keep, maintain and search for only the best of profile.

  • We create many best works

    It is our pleasure introducing Placewell Careers as a niche employment consultancy focused on the Insurance, Banking, Pharma and Hospitality Industry. Our highly specialized approach offers our clients bottom line results delivered faster. Placewell Careers is managed by professionals who had been in the industry at various levels and are well equipped to understand the need and the recruitment procedure of various companies.

  • Great idea inspire from you

    At Placewell Careers we recognize that the industry is converging and that the traditional separation lines between Insurance, Banks, Financial & Securities companies are diminishing, creating a more diverse and dynamic industry as a result. Our goal is to evolve and change with the industry to create an employment platform that is as progressive as the industry we serve.